The Midlands Golf Course Owners Association provides a forum for golf course owners, throughout the Midlands of South Carolina, to discuss owner related issues. These owners are key players in their business, as they represent the heart and soul of the business. They are a dedicated group of professional men and women who bear the biggest risks, make the tough decisions, initiate change and direct employee actions.

While diverse in its makeup, the MGCOA represents a group passionate about the game of golf. They formed together, as a non-profit association, to serve as a resource for a critical need shared by all owners, information and inspiration on how to manage and operate their facilities as efficiently and profitably as possible.

The MGCOA provides a unified voice that cannot be ignored or overheard, on the local, state or national level, regarding legislative issues, taxation, water rights or other specific actions that may impact the golf industry. Together the owners strive for cost containment, saving solutions, networking opportunities and, chiefly, growth of rounds.

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