The Midlands Golf Course Owners Association is refocused and organized with plans for a stronger and more collaborative membership promoting our local golf community.  I would like to thank the current member courses that have faithfully supported the association in the past.  I look forward to working with you and implimenting the many new ideas we have for the year ahead.

Our Board for the upcoming year consists of: Greg McBride – President; Dian Berry – Vice President & Secretary; Happ Lathrop & Clem King, Tom Mason – Members at Large.  The board has a new outlook with a fresh approach and commitment to making the MGCOA a meaningful group of professionals.

Ken McCarthy will serve as Executive Director.
Three of the current initiatives we are focused on are our website, the Midlands Golf Passport and Tour & Travel packages.  The website, in addition to being a tremendous marketing tool, will benefit us in many ways.  An exclusive member’s area will contain sections for group purchasing, property tax relief and a forum/discussion feature.  The website will also serve as a tool to drive the sales of our 2018 Midlands Golf Passport book.  We appreciate your participating in this year’s addition, as it is our primary source of income for the association.  Your commitment to exclusively participate in the book increases its value and potential sales.

Several new ideas are being discussed to increase the sales of package play at our midlands courses.  More details on these and other initiatives will be presented to you in the upcoming weeks.

In closing, we have established two categories for participating in the MGCOA.  Please review the following membership levels that you feel will best serve your facility:

Active Membership $150

Includes National, State and Local membership dues.  Active benefits include:

  • NGCOA: National discounts on purchasing products from participating vendors (ex: Club Car, Pepsi, Toro, Helena Chemical).
  • Acess to our Forum – a “24/7” question and answer discussion.
  • Legislative advocacy.
  • Receive information on issues affecting the golf industry and their local effect.
  • SCGCOA: State legislative advocy.
  • Networking on issues common to each and every golf course both public and private.
  • Eligible to nominate/be selected for Golf Course of the Year & an Employee of the Year.
  • MGCOA: Access to exclusive members only section of our website.  Group purchasing, Tour & Travel packaging
  • Passport book participation
  • Option to host Tournament Series and/or League Play Events

Associate Membership $100

benefits include:

  • MGCOA website access, participation in local issues
  • Group purchasing
  • Equipment Sharing
  • Inclusion in the Passport Book
  • Option to host Tournament Series and/or League Play Events

If this sounds interesting to you, we would love to begin an open dialog.  Please use the form below to request information or have one of our members call you or call Ken McCarthy at 803 600-8768,